What do coccidiosis prevention & Smart Vaccination for poultry have in common?

30 July, 2019

It is some years since HIPRA started work on the concept of Smart Vaccination for poultry farming. We can say that during those 4 years, HIPRA has been able to identify a niche area of work for coccidiosis prevention.

Smart Vaccination in coccidiosis prevention combines a smart vaccine, a vaccination device and a software to achieve optimum administration and traceability

Since its origins, HIPRA has always focused on animal health and has evolved to become the reference in prevention in animal health. Because of this, it was able to see that vaccination needs special monitoring at the time of application.

Coccidiosis prevention by vaccination: The importance of application

It is also known that a good vaccine may not have a good response simply because of a problem involving its preparation or, what is worse, incorrect application or if not incorrect, then sub-optimal application. Although these may appear to be similar concepts, they are not necessarily always synonymous.The vaccine may simply be applied incorrectly. For example, a vaccine that is intended for application via the drinking water would be applied incorrectly if it was inoculated subcutaneously. But, whilst a vaccine for spray application may be applied via the specified route, i.e. by spraying, the conditions for application may be inappropriate and this very often occurs with vaccination for coccidiosis prevention. How is that? Well, depending on the type of vaccine, particular conditions are required. In the case of vaccines for coccidiosis prevention, a particular droplet size and total coverage of the box are required. This means working with an appropriate dosage volume and appropriate pressure that ensures a constant droplet size. As well as requiring constant homogenization of the vaccine suspension in order to ensure the correct distribution of the vaccine oocysts with each spraying for each vaccinated box.  

What is Smart Vaccination for poultry?

HIPRA, a reference in avian coccidiosis prevention, has developed a specific system for the correct vaccination of EVALON®, HIPRACOX® and EVANT®, its range of vaccines against avian coccidiosis. From here, the Smart Vaccination service for poultry was developed. Smart Vaccination is the application of a HIPRA vaccine for coccidiosis prevention by means of a vaccination device that is able to achieve optimum administration in terms of application dose and droplet size, as well as, traceability of the vaccination process. This is based on three elements:
  1. A vaccine with an RFID chip inserted into the label which contains all the information relating to the vaccine, such as: Name of the vaccine, number of doses, date of manufacture and expiry date, batch number and vial presentation.
  2. Hipraspray®, an IoT device, which is able to connect to the internet in real time and create a vaccination process that is traced from the beginning. As well as having unique technology which ensures precise dosage and a real coarse droplet size.
  1. HIPRAlink® Vaccination, software developed by HIPRA, which is able to collect all the information generated by Hipraspray® and sort it, generating planning and control in the hatchery as well as direct and totally transparent communication between the hatchery and its customers.
  In this way, HIPRA has been able to create a unique system of traceability during the vaccination process, which guarantees correct application of vaccines for coccidiosis prevention and which also creates unique transparency between the hatchery and the producers. REFERENCES
  • Marangon S., Busani L., 2006. The use of vaccination in poultry production. Rev Sci Tech. 26(1): 265-74.

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