Hipraspray® offers a new concept in spray devices, as a ground-breaking machine with innovative management systems and technologies.


  • Precise in drop and volume administration; in fact, control of the piston is electronic and not pneumatic.
  • Automatic and easy to use as it automatically regulates the pressure and the volume of the administration.
  • Also able to automatically detect the dimension of the chicks’ boxes and the speed of the conveyor belt, then adjusts the vaccine administration accordingly.
  • Moreover, it sounds an audible alert when the vaccine is about to finish in the tank. In the eventuality that the tank cannot be filled in time, Hipraspray® will stop automatically, preventing the occurrence of boxes which have not been vaccinated or boxes being vaccinated with an incorrect dose.
  • It requires minimum maintenance and remote technical assistance and software improvements can be received.
  • Finally, this device is able to register information for the traceability system thanks to HIPRAlink®, an APP developed by HIPRA to provide traceability services in vaccination processes.

feder-logo This project has been cofunded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)