New methods of diagnosis by Artificial Intelligence for coccidiosis in poultry

6 February, 2024

Effective monitoring and control programs are essential in the daily operations of poultry farms, playing a crucial role in the decision-making process. Globally, qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of coccidiosis methods are employed to determine the presence and level of pressure of avian coccidiosis in breeder, layer, and broiler farms.

These new methods of coccidiosis diagnosis include Lesion Score (Johnson&Reid 1970), qPCR and flotation methods like Oocyst per gram (OPG) evaluation.

The Lesion Score technique consists of a qualitative evaluation of gut health, assigning scores based on observed lesions attributed to the different Eimeria species along the different parts of the intestine.

qPCR analyzes fecal samples for specific Eimeria species, ensuring high specificity and providing supplementary information on the level of detection.

Last but not least, flotation methods, an age-old technique, quantify avian coccidiosis oocysts through morphometry, boasting reliability contingent on highly qualified and trained personnel. The OPG/speciation method is based on the McMaster chamber flotation technique and conventional microscopy. Due to the inherent variability of the sample and the subjectivity of the method, improvements are needed to standardize it, reducing variability and labor in routine analysis.


AI Revolutionizes avian coccidiosis diagnosis

HIPRA, always committed to enhancing high-tech diagnostic services globally, introduces a groundbreaking AI automated diagnostic device named OOSCAN®. This innovation aims to elevate service quality, accuracy and control in avian coccidiosis diagnosis.


OOSCAN® features for diagnosis of coccidiosis

OOSCAN® is a platform, compound of a hardware and a software based in deep learning which automates the counting of oocysts in a prepared fecal sample, correctly prepared and processed, delivering results within 5 minutes. The advantages that this device provides over manual labor include:

  • Better accuracy: eliminating occupational risks tied to repetitive tasks and eye strain.
  • Improved Operator Well-being: Reduced energy expenditure by operators.
  • Sustainable Practices: Minimized travel costs for training and additional analyses.
  • Increased Efficiency: Simultaneous analysis of multiple samples accelerates result reporting.



The OOSCAN® device by HIPRA represents a significant step forward in avian coccidiosis diagnosis. Its incorporation into diagnostic protocols promises better accuracy, operator well-being, sustainability and increased efficiency. Do not hesitate to get in touch with HIPRA for a better and more accurate diagnosis of coccidiosis in poultry!

This system is a new platform developed for oocyst analysis, which can realize highly automated and accurate quantitative analysis.



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  2. Maldonado et al., 2023. The OOSCAN system, a compact laboratory workstation for routine chicken Eimeria oocyst counts using a robotic microscope and a deep learning algorithm. WVPAC Proceedings, 2023.

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