Coccidiosis in poultry: Innovation in vaccination with maximum traceability

9 June, 2016

In the world of livestock farming and animal protein production, the poultry industry has always been the sector with the greatest focus on achieving maximum control and information when it comes to the management of the production process and of the system for monitoring the medicinal products used in this process. HIPRA is going one step further along this path by offering a new vaccination concept, Smart vaccination, designed to provide improved vaccination monitoring and traceability for the prevention of coccidiosis in poultry.

From the early days of animal production, poultry farming has been in the vanguard of technology, feeding systems, farm automation, etc. Poultry production is one of the most advanced and streamlined of all the animal production sectors, guaranteeing all the quality standards demanded by the consumer in each market. A paradox exists, however: the processes associated with vaccination, unlike other parameters such as feeding, environmental conditions, etc., are beyond control.

Finally, HIPRA has come up with a system that enables poultry producers and veterinarians to manage the vaccination process. HIPRA is ahead of the game in leading the way and offering maximum information in the processes associated with vaccination to ensure the efficacy and correct administration of its products, with the specific benefit to the poultry farmer of improving the control and prevention of coccidiosis in poultry.

A new concept in vaccination is thus born: “Smart vaccination” by HIPRA. This concept is defined as follows:


  • Vaccines with an RFID chip containing all the information relating to the vaccine lot.
  • HIPRA vaccination devices that ensure that the vaccines are administered correctly and incorporate data logging and full connectivity. Hipraspray® is the name of the veterinary device used to administer the EVALON® vaccine. Hipraspray® is a single dedicated spray machine for hatchery administration.
  • A platform for tracing, managing and analysing all these data from the vaccination process: HIPRAlink®.

What kind of traceability does HIPRA offer with the “Smart vaccination” concept in the prevention of coccidiosis in poultry?

With this new concept, HIPRA offers the possibility of monitoring something as simple as it is valuable: access to all the data relating to the vaccination process, which are logged automatically, and the ability to make them available to both hatcheries and their clients.

With HIPRAlink®, it is possible to trace information such as the doses administered, details of the vaccine lots used, process dates, details regarding the operation and use of the Hipraspray® device and to add information about the batch of chicks vaccinated.

What does the system offer the hatchery?

With the EVALON®, Hipraspray® and HIPRAlink® pack, the hatchery has a platform that offers better management of the vaccination process, while at the same time having access to an optimum precision device for administering the EVALON® vaccine for the prevention of coccidiosis in poultry.

What’s in it for the end producer?

The end producer and recipient of the chicks gets a certificate to show that the vaccine has been administered correctly, together with the reassurance that the batch of chicks received has been vaccinated in the best way possible.

What does the poultry production industry get out of this system?

The poultry production industry gets a highly innovative system designed to provide maximum control and information when it comes to the management of the production process and of the system for monitoring the medicinal products used in this process.

Where does this put HIPRA?

By taking this step, HIPRA is positioning itself as a leader in the traceability of vaccination processes, with the ability to provide its clients with services focused on monitoring the administration of its products.

EVALON®, Hipraspray® and HIPRAlink® give veterinarians and producers the possibility of access to a new concept, Smart vaccination, with vaccination certificates, improved management of process-related information, HIPRA vaccination devices that ensure optimum administration of the vaccine and complete traceability in the prevention of coccidiosis in poultry.

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